Environmental Report
Neueste Ausgabe

Volume 17

Our packages contribute to

both customer’s and society’s initiatives

in environmental sustainability.


CDP2021 Assessment Results

In order to objectively assess the status of these efforts and link them to the next level of improvement, we underwent another CDP evaluation for FY2021. The results of the CDP2021 evaluation and our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are positive and elaborate in our latest report.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiatives

Fuji Seal Group is targeting a 6% reduction in GHG emissions per unit of sales (target year: 2023, base year: FY2017), and we are promoting GHG reduction efforts. Volume 17 of our Environmental Report highlights extra initiatives that were launched around the world, to keep momentum on these targets while we keep expanding our global and local business.

Read the full Environmental Report vol. 17 here.