Fuji Seal Europe


Ein an der Tokioter Börse notiertes Unternehmen mit multinationalen Kunden, gepaart mit einer bodenständigen Einstellung und einem zugänglichen Managementstil. Klingt unmöglich?

Bei Fuji Seal Europe leben wir dieses Motto jeden Tag. Dass bei (virtuellen) Meetings in den Niederlanden, Deutschland, dem Vereinigten Königreich, Frankreich, Polen, Italien oder Spanien mehrere Nationalitäten und Sprachen an einem Tisch sitzen, versteht sich von selbst, ebenso wie der freundliche und kooperative Umgang miteinander.

Lesen Sie im Folgenden, wie unsere Mitarbeiter Fuji Seal als Arbeitgeber erleben und welche persönlichen Fortschritte sie in ihrer Karriere bei uns gemacht haben.

Andrea Martin

Teamleader Customer Operations Representative

In January 2014 I moved from Barcelona to work for Fuji Seal. One of the things I like most is the way I found the job I was listening to a radio show and one of the Fuji Seal managers was talking about his experiences in the company. It sounded very interesting to me.

At the end of the show he provided his contact details in case someone was interested in joining the team in one of the open positions at that moment.  I did not hesitate and sent my CV straight away.

Starting as a Customer Operations Representative for the Iberian Market, I have developed my career first by assuming responsibility for other European markets.  Currently I am the Teamleader in Customer Operations and Planning Department I am responsible for the development and optimization of Fuji Seal B2B, including Inside Sales and Customer Relations.

During my professional career I have always worked in an international environment, which has allowed me to learn different ways of working from inspiring people and cultures from all around the world.

Today, it’s all about challenges, bringing solutions to international clients and helping people to achieve better results and reach their next goals.

Joop Peeters


I wonder every day; how can we get Fuji seal products more durable, more competitive and more efficient!

As a developer I have been working in the R & D department based in the Deurne office since 2013. . Fuji Seal is my first employer since completing my Bachelor Degree in Mechatronics. Originally Fuji Seal was a company having the   majority of mechanically orientated engineers. However, „Times are changing“ and nowadays I can use all facets of my Bachelor Degree.

I wonder every day; how can we get Fuji seal products more durable, more competitive and more efficient?  On a daily basis I see these Fuji Seal products in grocery stores, on the internet and all around me and that makes my job extraordinary.

My work is very varied. On a Monday I could be tweaking machines at a customer plant and the next day developing a concept for a new innovation.  For me there is a good balance between theory and practice, e.g. how do you develop new innovations with suppliers and customers?  What agreements and specifications do you setup? In which way do you share information?
What was decisive for me in choosing Fuji Seal is its International character. This was emphasized when the office in Deurne evolved to the headquarters of Europe, with many new colleagues joining from all corners of the world, collaborating with other Departments and Cultures.

Rick Ewalts

Account Manager

Our slogan says “changing along with Changes” so let’s see what future brings, for sure I will never be bored as new challenges will come…

I started working at Fuji Seal Europe BV in 1997 as an Engineer in our Assembly Department. After a couple of months I moved to our service department and had my first experiences in this department, travelling towards Asia and USA to start up new packaging machines.

For me this was a fantastic opportunity to discover new places worldwide, learning languages, different cultures and meeting these people.

These trips brought me lots of experience in widest perspective which I still use during my daily professional and social life.

After some years in service I moved to System Service department nowadays called Technical System Centre, here I learned the synergy between packaging material and machinery which we sell as a complete solution towards our customers across the globe.

By having this experience in these different areas I continued working in our service department first as service coordinator and afterwards as Service Account Manager for our customers in the Mediterranean area. In this role I was responsible for services and after sales for our existing customers and travelling frequently towards Southern Europe.

Half a year ago I moved to the Sales Department were I started in the role of account manager and am responsible for accounts in terms of the whole package, both packaging materials and machinery.

I have now worked for Fuji Seal Europe for 20 years, had lots of fun and energy and still enjoying every day. My professional life is perfectly balanced with my private and social life which is key to keep the spirit healthy!

Our slogan says “changing along with Changes” so let’s see what future brings, for sure I will never be bored as new challenges will come…

Sharon Hendriks


Do you want to keep developing yourself then Fuji Seal is the place for you!

The tasks as planner at Fuji Seal are very diverse. I am responsible for the supply of materials at the right time and place and with this also giving direction to the warehouse. Planning the work preparations and placing the orders for machines, materials and parts are my main tasks. At the start I was trained very well by my colleagues, and was able to pick up the tasks very quickly.. What speaks to me in this function is the contact with both the suppliers and the shop floor. Every day presents a new challenge to find the balance between the internal company’s expectations and the possibilities of the suppliers.  I also do the planning of transportation and this makes Logistics an all-round department, where we can cover for each other in case absence. The word Junior in my work description was dropped quickly and I quickly became a fully valued Planner.

In the past few years the company has grown enormously and it is our ambition to continue this for the next few years. Fuji Seal is an international company, we serve customers worldwide and at our Deurne location we have people working here hailing from 15 different countries. Besides this growth and international work environment there is a friendly and informal atmosphere which makes me feel at home and makes it a pleasure to go to work every day.

Another good thing about this company is it’s constant striving for improvement. Fuji Seal sees every day as a chance to take steps ahead in order to shorten lead time, improve efficiency and quality. This makes me very enthusiastic and it is rewarding to be a part of this.

Now I am ready for the next chapter. By means of a personal development plan I got the chance to realise my interests and personal boundaries. It is both interesting and rewarding to learn and discover new things.  Fuji Seal gave me this opportunity and helped me make the next step in the career I have in mind.

Do you want to keep developing yourself then Fuji Seal is the place for you!

Toni Miasumu

Sales area manager

My work is multifaceted and exciting as I look after a wide variety of clients. This gives me an insight into other interesting industries such as the cosmetics or food industry. This makes my work colourful and multi-layered. In addition, it is a great feeling to see products on the market for which Pago has done the labelling.

David Ufer

Converting Supervisor

I very much appreciate the trust invested in me. I have plenty of flexibility in my area of responsibility and can make decisions without having to go through complicated and lengthy approval processes. At Pago, we have a flat organisational structure. I can put my ideas forward and contribute to the further development of our processes.

Laura Kuipers

Finance & Marketing

I was given the opportunity to use my strengths across departments and to think outside the box. This corporate culture is precisely why Pago qualifies as the ideal employer in my case. Superiors and managing directors are always attentive and there is support for professional development.

Paola Fascioli

Technical Design

When I design something, I see the result of my output directly as I work closely with the production department. In addition, I work very independently and constantly have the possibility to develop myself. As such I also have the opportunity to keep up with technical innovations by attending trade fairs and exhibitions.