Fuji Seal

The Fuji Seal Group was founded as a wooden products manufacturer 125 years ago.

As the container trends in society shifted from wooden barrels to bottles, cans, and plastic bottles, we switched our business to a packaging business, including the development of shrink sleeve labels, in the 1950s.

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(Company History | Fuji Seal International)

Fujio Seisakusho, the predecessor of Fuji Seal, founded as a manufacturer of wooden faucet for sake keg


Manufacture and sale of Shrink Capseals (marks Company’s move from wooden products to packaging industry)


Fuji Tack, Inc. established (starts manufacture and sale of tack labels)


American Fuji Seal, Inc. established to manufacture and sell shrink labels

Fuji Seal Verpackungssysteme GmbH. established in West Germany to manufacture and sell shrink labels (merged with Fuji Seal Europe, Ltd. In 1995)


Nabari factory starts operations in Japan (integrated shrink label production system)


Fuji Seal Europe, Ltd. established in UK for production and sale of shrink labels


Tsukuba Factory established in Japan (the Company’s main plant in the Kanto region for the integrated production of shrink labels)

Fuji Astec, Inc. established in Japan (to strengthen the Group’s capabilities in the design, manufacture and sale of packaging equipment)


Intersleeve B.V. (present Fuji Seal Europe B.V.) in the Netherlands joined Fuji Seal Group (to strengthen the Group’s capabilities in the design, manufacture and sale of packaging equipment)


Fuji Ace Co., Ltd. (joint venture) established in Thailand; begins production and sale of shrink labels and other packaging products for the ASEAN market


American Fuji Seal, Inc. merged with Owens-Illinois Labels and Carriers, Inc. to start operation as American Fuji Seal, Inc. (to expand production and sale of shrink labels and other packaging products, as well as packaging equipment for the U.S. market)


Technical Center established in Japan (to enhance capabilities in product design and development, making optimal use of the Group’s strengths in the Japan, U.S., and European markets, and to improve the speed and timing of product proposals)

Yuki Factory established in Japan (to bolster production volume in shrink labels, which are predicted to grow strongly)


Fuji Buriot S.A. (present Fuji Seal France plant) joined Fuji Seal Group to expand the Group’s production and marketing of shrink labels in Europe

Fuji Flex Inc. established (begins production and sale of pouches and other flexible packaging products)

American Fuji Technical Services, Inc. established in USA to strengthen Group’s capabilities in technical support, sale of components, and maintenance services for automatic packaging machinery and related equipment.


Shares of Fuji Seal, Inc. listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. This move was aimed at procuring funds from the capital markets to finance the Group’s further growth, as well as facilitating the hiring of qualified personnel.

Adopted the Committee System in place of the statutory auditor system to improve corporate governance and increase management transparency.

Adopted the holding company structure (holding company is named Fuji Seal International), for purpose of speeding up management decision-making in all operating regions (Japan, U.S., Europe, ASEAN) and strengthening global management strategy.


Fuji Seal Poland Sp.zo.o. established in Poland to increase shrink label production in Europe to meet growing demand in the region.


Fuji Tack East, Inc. established in Japan to expand self-adhesive label operations and raise competitiveness.


Fuji Seal Packaging de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. established to increase production in response to the expansion of the shrink label market in Mexico.


Fuji Seal Iberia S.L.U. established to strengthen marketing and sales promotion in Spain.


Fuji Seal B.V. (regional holding company) established in the Netherlands (to hold stocks of Fuji Seal companies in Europe and to manage and support business concerning stockholding)


Fuji Seal Southeast Asia, Inc. established in Japan (to meet growing demand in ASEAN countries)

PT. Fuji Seal Indonesia established in Indonesia (to meet growing demand in Indonesia)


Fuji Seal Vietnam Co., Ltd. established in Vietnam

Pago Holding AG joined Fuji Seal Group to accelerate the expansion of self-adhesive label business in the global market


SxS Center (Amagasaki, Hyogo pref.) established to integrate the packaging development site & Machine production site


Fuji Seal West,Inc. established in Japan (to manufacture and sale of self-adhesive labels and spouted pouch products)


American Fuji Seal, Inc. Indiana factory in IN established (to expand the business of self-adhesive labels and spouted pouch products in Americas)

PT. Fuji Seal Packaging Indonesia established in Indonesia to expand the business of self-adhesive labels in ASEAN region


Fuji Seal Engineering Co., Ltd. established in Thailand to provide the machinery services in ASEAN region

Fuji Seal India Pvt Ltd. established in India to start marketing and sales promotion in India.


Fuji Ace Co., Ltd. (joint venture in Thailand) dissolved, and Fuji Seal Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established as a new subsidiary (to expand production and sales of shrink sleeve labels and other packaging products in ASEAN market).