Spouted Pouch


Driven by the potential on usability and sustainability of spouted pouches, The Fuji Seal Group has been involved in its commercialization since the late 1990’s:

  • For beverages, we introduced a spouted pouch line system.
  • For pharmacy, we have established spouted-retort packaging technology.
  • For home and personal care,  we took the initiative in developing refill pouches for both small and large capacities.
  • Across all industries, we developed easy-to-open, easy-to-use, and sustainable packages from the perspective of consumers.

In particular recognized for their environmental and user friendliness, Fuji Pouch and air-in-film bottles were launched in Japan in 2016 and in the U.S. in 2020, respectively.

Below are a few examples of spouted pouches we can offer.