Shrink Sleeve Machines
by Fuji Seal

Shrink Sleeve

Fuji Seal provides both linear and carousel shrink sleeve applicators. Each concept has its own unique differentiators while maintaining high efficiencies, being able to handle different sleeve functionalities and a wide range of sleeve materials.

Additionally the machines can be configured for low speeds, medium speeds and high speeds to fit your specific project needs.

Shrink Sleeve
Filmfeed units

Our extensive de-reel unit portfolio includes units which can carry 1, 2, 3 or 6 film web reels. Film web splicing can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. This way a perfect balance can be chosen between operator flexibility and investment while matching your specific project needs.

Shrink Sleeve
Shrink Tunnels

The Fuji Seal shrink tunnel designs allow a flexible configuration to match your energy requirements. To power the shrink system, steam or electricity can be chosen. Furthermore our shrink tunnels can be configured to match your project requirements for speed, shrink quality, shrink %, sleeve materials, floorspace and change over times.