Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal DR-H


Speed Speed
up to 190 m / min
6 reel 6 reel
Splicing Splicing


The Fuji Seal DR-H is an automatic splice unit which fully automatically switches between an empty film reel and a full film reel while the operator is away. The Fuji Seal DR-H autosplicer carries additional automated features helping the operator to spend a minimum time at this unit. Your Fuji Seal representative can explain these features in more detail.

This unit is designed for medium-, high- and ultra-high-speeds up to a film web speed of 190 m/min. As this unit holds 6 reel stations, the operator intervention times are extra long providing full flexibility for the operator to operate other machines in the production lines.

During production the operator can replenish empty reel stations while production is continued at full speed.

When switching between film reels a small film buffer is used to ensure the machine will continue production at full speed at all times.