Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal DR-M + Accumulation


Speed Speed
up to 80 m / min
2 reel 2 reel
Splicing Splicing


The Fuji Seal DR-M unit with film accumulation is a semi-automatic unit which can be deployed for low, medium and high speed machines.

The unit has 2 reel stations allowing the operator to replace an empty reel while the other reel is in production. The film accumulation unit provides time for the operator to make a splice with the new film reel while production is continued. The integrated splice table makes it easy for the operator to create a high quality splice in a matter of seconds. The Low Film and Film End detection help the operator to run the line in an efficient way.
The electronic driven reels ensure that the tension in the film web is low resulting in a high efficiency of the unit while allowing to run a wide range of sleeve materials.

As the unit is stand-alone it is easy to integrate an upgraded unit in the field should your business require this in a later stage.