Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal FS 400


Speed Speed
up to 750 ppm
Sleeve gauge Sleeve gauge
35-70 micron
Change-over Change-over
< 15 min


The Fuji Seal 400 platform is a modular platform and can be configured for low-, medium- and high speed requirements. This platform therefore is suitable to grown with your business as this machine platform can be easily upgraded in the field.

The FS 400 range shows a merge of all Fuji Seal technologies, years of experience and valuable advice from our customers who are using this technology on a daily basis.

The machine design also includes a servo controlled system which allows the rotary cutter to handle a range of product sizes. This way the required product related parts and it’s related investment are reduced.

The machine development is focused on down-gauging, making it possible to use shrink films below 35 micron. This directly relates to reduced Total Cost of Ownership, packaging waste reduction and smaller carbon footprint.