Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal FS 9000


Speed Speed
up to 1100 ppm
Sleeve gauge Sleeve gauge
35-70 micron
Change-over Change-over
< 30 min


The Fuji Seal 9000 is the highest performing sleeve application machine in the market in terms of speed, quality, efficiency and floorspace. Well ahead of any other equipment on the market, it transforms sleeve technology into a high quality labelling system at very competitive total cost of ownership.

There are over 200 machines installed worldwide, the Fuji Seal 9000 concept is aimed at the beverage market and integrated in high speed filling lines above 50.000 bph for Soft-Drinks, Beer, Water and Dairy. The robust application module and heavy duty construction guarantees highly efficient operations 24/7 in a factory environment.

The machine features a fully active shrink sleeve application keeping full control over the shrink sleeving during the whole process of sleeve application which eliminates the need of bottle drying equipment for this type of machinery. In other words the machine can handle condensed, wet and dry bottles. As a result less floorspace and energy is required contributing to lower total investment and a reduction of impact on the environment.

The machine features a long-lasting knife system for the highest quality cutting results in the shrink sleeve machine market. Each 6 to 12 months the knife can be sharpened after which it can be re-installed to run for the same period again.

Decoration solutions exist of: Full body, Partial label, Length perforation, Tear Tab, Cross perforation.