Fuji Seal

Fuji Seal FS E-line


Speed Speed
up to 300 ppm
Sleeve gauge Sleeve gauge
35-70 micron
Change-over Change-over
< 15 min


The Fuji Seal FS E-line is the new benchmark for low-to-mid-range shrink sleeve application.

This single head sleeve application system is engineered to support a high efficiency, plug-in installation and even plug-in upgrading.
Due to our focus on MTTR during the design phase, a high uptime is guaranteed as well.

The FS E-line can be operated with only minimal training, as it supports learning on the job with clear instructions in the HMI and instructions at key locations.
The machine can also be adjusted without stopping the production process to optimize the results without creating downtime.

Troubleshooting and maintenance is simplified by relying on EtherCAT and IO-Link to reduce the number of cables, allow automatic component recognition and even downloading customized settings to a newly installed component.

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